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LINA EVE: CDs & Videos

Contact : lina.enchantedwood@gmail.com


Wicked womanCd
Wicked Woman

Following after the Bad Girl CD, the songs on this album were inspired by the joy and sadness of women's lives. From songs about adoption, and other human rights issues, to intimate love songs. Wicked Woman is an emotional tribute to the hearts of women. Featuring the talents of: Warren Bell, Fred Cole, Harry Freeman, David Reeve, Alan Shaw, Keryn Traversi.
Cover design: Lina Eve

Bad Girl

"Bad Girl" is a collection of nine original songs plus two other favourites. Most of the songs were recorded around the kitchen table in the Enchanted Wood with a folk / grass roots feel.
Digitally remixed and enhanced by the talented Dave Highet at Bush Traks, the 4 track tapes came alive again. Bad Girl includes the talents of Stuart Batten, Warren Bell, Fred Cole, Daniel Brauchli, Tony Navrow, Alan Shaw & Keryn Traversi.
Cover design: Lina Eve



Mythos is a rock opera based on the myth of Demeter, the Earth Goddess and her daughter Persephone, who was abducted by Hades to live as his Queen of the Underworld.All the songs on this album are written by Lina Eve, and she performs some of the songs, others are performed by some of the best singers and musicians in the area. ,
Featuring, Ian Aitkins, Stuart Batten, Daniel Brauchli, Fred Cole, Corinne Gibbon, Harry Freeman, Bruce McNicol, Danny Prussian, David Reeve, Geoffrey Lincoln. Alan Shaw.
Cover Design: Lina Eve


The Mystical Uniroo

Melea lives in the Australian bush with her father and her cat Masheeba. One morning she looks down the misty valley and sees something magical. Before long her amazing adventure begins. She learns the speech of animals and how fragile her world is. The Mystical Uniroo won the Australian Dolphin awards for childrens music. Story and songs written by Lina Eve, and including the talents of: David Barr, Miranda Burne, John Burne, Alan Shaw. Remastered by Dave Highet, Bush Trakx.
Cover Design: Lina Eve



"BITTER WINDS" orginal song about adoption told in video:



"WALLABY SPRING" wallaby mother and joey in my garden:


"CEASAR ROMANO & ROSI PASTARTI" lif has a meaning when love is the message


"HIS SAVAGE MISTRESS" Gianni Menichetti, poet, artist, activist & wonderful friend


"ADOPTION LOSS: THE BAD GIRL SERIES" original song, artwork and historic facts about forced adoption in australia


"THE HIDDEN ART OF GEOFF HOLT" a tribute video for an old friend. Amazing artist who passed away too soon and whose work is little known.



"LINA EVE, ART AND LIFE" video slide show of my work and life


"GONE, BUT NOT FORGOTTEN" black comedy around the coffin


"THE ART OF LINA EVE" a more extensive collection of original works, a slide show by dear friend, Joanna. Check out her wonderful work on youtube!






Contact : lina.enchantedwood@gmail.com

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